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Per Your Request, Gift Ideas for Nurses

Friends, clients and cancer care givers often ask me what kind of gift(s) they should get for their nurse(s). And while I can’t speak for the entire profession, I can tell you that I personally don’t need another water bottle. So, without further a due, here are some gift ideas for nurses….and you may notice a pattern 😉

  • Really good, quality hand lotion that doesn’t leave hands feeling greasy…we wash our hands A LOT!
  • A hand-written note or card of appreciation…words of encouragement go a long way and help sustain us during those shifts that seem endless and/or daunting.
  • Lip Balm, especially the kind with Vitamin E and SPF.
  • A hand-written note or card of appreciation…written words of appreciation go a loooong way in lifting our spirits.
  • Fun socks! It really depends on how well you know your nurse…sometimes, the zanier, and sillier, the better…maybe they love animals…. maybe they are a bit snarky and have a dark sense of humor…just have fun with it!
  • A hand-written note or card of appreciation… kind words are always welcome.
  • Coffee shop gifts cards, yummy, flavored creamers for the break room or a delicious ground coffee.
  • A hand-written note or card of appreciation… notes of gratitude from patients and families encourage us when work gets heavy and difficult.
  • Chocolate… no explanation needed. lol
  • A hand-written note or card of appreciation… because most nurses love what they do and want what’s best for their patients, despite working in a field that is overworked, understaffed, underappreciated and underpaid.

Hope you find this helpful.  As always, I’m here for you. If you’d like to talk or ask me specific questions, please click HERE and select a day and time that works best for your schedule 🙂

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