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Let’s Get Practical

Just had to put this out here… So many times, I hear people say, “If there’s anything you need help with, please let me know.”  That doesn’t really work in the world of cancer care.  Instead, try something like this:  “Hey, I’m going to the grocery store.  Text me what you need me to pick up for you, and I’d be happy to drop it off at your doorstep in a little bit.”  You can substitute ‘grocery store’ for Target, XYZ Drugstore, Costco, etc. – that is ‘skin in the game’ and that is what your friend/loved one needs right now. 

And as a caveat to this post, the goal is to get needed supplies to the person going through treatment. 

The goal is not to visit with them…they probably aren’t up for visitors, so be content with leaving said supplies on their doorstep. 

The goal is not to get kudos from the person you are helping either.  Cancer treatment is a beast, so love on them unconditionally – without needing, wanting, or asking anything in return. Don’t be offended if they don’t send you a thank you text, card, or phone call.  They don’t feel good, and they may very well be hugging the toilet.  Please know they are thankful and grateful, even if they can’t express it.08

Hope you find this helpful.  As always, I’m here for you. If you’d like to talk or ask me specific questions, please click HERE and select a day and time that works best for your schedule 🙂

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