Herding Cattle…

Herding Cattle….

You know that your doctor is busy. The lobby is full of patients and staff are running around the office trying to keep everything moving.

There is a front desk clerk to check you in, a scheduler to make your next appointment, a medical assistant to take your vitals, a lab tech to draw your labs, a nurse to check in on you and then finally, all of this leads up to your appointment with the doctor.

There are a lot of moving pieces and by the time you have finished with your appointment, you have probably talked to at least 5-6 different people, who all needed to know your name and date of birth, but do any of them have the time to actually talk with you? No – healthcare in the U.S. is a well-oiled machine on a good day.

This is NOT a dig to your oncologist or his/her practice – it is the stress of a healthcare system that is inundated and overworked.
I believe everyone is trying their best, but it is hard to not feel like a #.